Pokemon Go Gyms

Game Pokemon Go was released in most countries around the world in July this year. The game use device’s GPS and renowned Augmented Reality. GPS and Augmented Reality load reality environment around you with pokemon.


The main objective of the game is to go as much to catch as many pokemon to increase the level and start fighting with other players. For now, the battle between players is done in Gyms, but in the future you will fight anywhere you meet a player.

When first entered the game, you have to make a new account, or you can use your Google account to create it. On that account it will save all your progress in the game. You can loin with your account on any device. After you have created your account you can begin to customize your character. You can not change a lot. Among the changes, include changing the color of hair, skin and outfit.

Thus you will be able to distinguish it from other players. After you are done customizing your character, you can begin the adventure. As in any game, you have a few guidelines, this time will be made by  professor Willow. Map is not virtual, but map the are where you are. You shall have an opportunity to choose your partner for adventure, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. If you do not want to pick them, you will be able to pick Pikachu, but later.

Once your Pokemon first appeared on the map, click on it and the game will lead you in a special way of catching. In AR mode, you will be able to capture Pokemon with your camcorder. If you are not attracted to this mode, you can disable it and you enter in another area, one of the simplest. In the game, you will notice a PokeBall, dragging her towards him.

To ensure your success, it is best to keep hold of the ball until the circle shrinks around Pokemon. Circle color varies depending on the strength of each Pokemon: green – very easy to catch, yellow – a little more difficult, red – hard; a powerful pokemon can be calmed with the help of fruit. Every time you capture a new Pokemon, it will be recorded in the Pokedex. After being registered in the Pokedex, it will appear in your inventory, along with the description of skills. To increase the strength, you need to use Stadust and Candy. Stardust are obtained capturing Pokemon or collecting Pokecoins from pokemon go pokecoins hack. You can get Candy every time you capture more pokemon of the same type, on each pokemon on the same type you get three Candy and if you will return it to the teacher you will get another 1 Candy.

Every time you evolve a Pokemon or capture one, you get experience. As you increase in level, pokemon that you catch will be stronger and will be in the category of rare. Only at level 5 you will be able to choose your team and begin to fight in Gyms. These Gyms are controlled by players from the same team or enemies. You need to choose carefully pokemon that you want to defeat your enemy and pokemon you want to stay in that Gym. If you manage to defeat all the Gym pokemon, will you lower their rank and thus you will conquer.

Technology in human life

When talking about the impact of technology on society, the first thing we think about is how beneficial that it affected our lives, and by technology I refer especially to the Internet. We use it every day so much that we become addicted to it. I do not mean that many people sit in front of your computer 10 hours a day minimum, talk about addiction in the general sense, when we forget books and living sources of information and the first thing we use is the internet.


I am not going to talk about some advantages too publicized and known, nor am I going to throw words to the wind that “the Internet is harmful”. My intention in this article is to draw a line to separate drug technology.

The first point that I want to talk about is socializing on the internet. Although the primary function of the Internet was that information, more than likely that many of you use it more as a means of gossip for hours with friends from other parts of the country or even the world. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I want to ask you how you feel when you enter the computer lab and the first thing you do is log on to Facebook? There are antisocial, but these social sites seem to get over friends in the city or school and jump somewhere other end of the world. Luckily, I suspect that this would be the only drawback of Facebook. It really liked to meet new people but what is more pleasant to talk seven o’clock continuously in front of the computer with someone from across the country or going to a party, a drink at a football with friends your closest? Even if people know a whole battalion, that does not mean you know them all and get along perfectly with everyone. I’m an old friend once said: “In the past, there were wars because people did not know and did not get along with them; Now we have Facebook site, we can know each other better “(translated in the past Traian Dacia attacked because it had no address Facebook’s Decebal).

Another plus (or minus) technology is mobile. Many of you more than likely that you have a modern phone that boast left and right, which of course cost not know how many millions. Yes, it’s powerful, but equally well and can speak a little old phone with touch screen. Photos may be used for a camera with a much better resolution and Games, please tell me which game I can compare mobile classic football or even a computer game? I admit, however, that some apps and mobile internet can be very useful (especially in testing, although there can also be used cheat sheets), but apart from that, a lot more money goes on trifles.


Talking about internet in general I can say that it falls somewhere between water and food. It conducted a survey where subjects had to live two weeks without internet. After two days, the participants began to feel “strange” after five days, the vast majority have resisted without the Internet and in the end, only a small number of people have spent two weeks without internet. They said it was a rather unpleasant experience and do not want to try this again.

Problems of the Internet, perhaps the most significant is dependence and sloth, but culture. It is true that in cyberspace we know different cultures, but not all are positive. On the internet, because of the possibility of anonymity, people sometimes forget about the rules of good behavior and manifests itself in the most colorful ways as possible, giving children in developing many more examples as to guide, kicking culture and embracing illiteracy.

In the world there are four million people who are on the Internet at least one hour per week, of which 16% use it frequently (I mean at least five hours a day). Not too big a percentage is not alarming, but the Internet is not as old as writing and reading, so no cause for alarm is instead of worse.

Things that you probably do not know about Instagram

It is a free application for iPhone or Android that lets you capture, modify them with special effects, and then share them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Instagram itself. Take square photos, similar to Kodak Instamatic taking the cameras in the 60s Instagram The name comes from the photographs “snapshots” that were taken with Polaroid cameras.  While working for Nexstop, a web of recommending routes for travel, Kevin Systrom, the co-founder of Instagram, gave birth to Burbn, the embryo of what would later become the app that has made him famous worldwide.


Mike Krieger, Instagram co-founder with Systrom, was born in  Brazil and met her future partner while both were studying at Stanford University. Instagram was officially launched on October 6, 2010 as application for the iPhone. In just one month he got a million users join in their platform.


To try to compete with Vine, Instagram added to its platform new functionality to upload and edit videos lasting 15 seconds in June 2013.

The new tool was so successful that 5 million videos were uploaded in just 24 hours. Thursday preferred by big brands to post on Instagram day. Still, Sunday is the most effective platform for publishing on this day. The 10 most popular brands in Instagram are Nike, Starbucks, NBA, Adidas Originals, Topshop,Vans, Forever 21, GoPro, Michael Kors and NFL. 10 brands with more videos are shared on Instagram MTV, NBA, Peanuts, GoPro, Miami Heat, Topshop, Starbucks, ABC and HBO’s Girls. 10 brands with more followers on Instagram are National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret, The Ellen Show, Nike, Forever 21, Louboutin, 9GAG, Starbucks, MTV and NBA.

In August 2013 the average time spent by users on Instagram was 257 minutes. In the same period, Twitter users spent an average of 169.9 minutes in this social network. For every 33 “likes”, users receive an average of a comment on Instagram. The app generates very famous 8,500 “likes” and 1,000 comments per second. Mayfair is the filter that generates the highest number of “likes” and comments on Instagram.

It has eleven digital filters that transform pictures taken, improving the quality of the final product also is editable colors, environment, borders and colors. First you obtain the free version from the Apple Store or Google Play depending on what your mobile device. Once downloaded, launch the application by clicking on the icon which can be easily recognized as a camera. To use how to hack instagram is necessary to make the record in the Instagram network, providing a user name, in addition to indicate an email address, a password, a phone number and an image, with the latter two optional fields.

To start Instagram is recommended to start with a search of your friends in Facebook and other social networks already have an account on this network (Instagram). Instagram suggest a list of friends to follow should press the button continue to send and receive photos. Once users selected, you must click on the “done” button. To start using Instagram, you must click the center button, then the camera is activated on the mobile device, taking a picture or selecting from the gallery of the mobile device. Then you can apply various filters, one of the main features of this application. In addition Instagram allows you to include a description of the photograph, where you can include tags (also hashtags) related to the image and mention people.

How to use a Tablet

Manufacturers of PCs and mobile phones had to react to the success of the Apple tablet. Unfortunately, Windows 7 does not lend itself ultra-portable devices with small battery, and hardware necessary not long enough to be compacted. The only “tablets” that could even compete with the iPad in size were those with processors for mobile segment, which ran a version of the Android operating system.


Subsequently, Google began to develop Android 3.0 Honeycomb, an OS designed specifically for tablets, and Nvidia came up with second-generation platform Tegra 2. It offered a dual-core ARM processor, a graphics processor and a chipset control in a single chip. Android 3.0 with Nvidia Tegra 2 currently unable to provide a level of functionality and autonomy similar to those offered by second generation tablet from Apple.

What you can do with a tablet

Perhaps the most important feature of the tablet is the Internet. Compared to a laptop or a netbook, it is smaller, lighter and comes instantly from standby. In practice, you can access a web page only a few seconds since you took tablet in hand. Access to other applications that use Internet connection, such as Facebook, instant messaging or Skype is just as fast.


Another reason for using tablets is quick and easy access to documents, notes or pictures. Tablets can be installed office suite, free or paid, with almost identical functionality on the PC. Opening a document in a meeting at the office, access to lecture notes for a teacher or even reading a book in PDF format are easy things to do with a tablet.

Tablets from Apple, but also with Android 3.0 and Nvidia Tegra 2 can run quite complex games and 3D graphics. They are a manager application for relaxation and not just for children. Also all the latest tablets boast opportunity to run full HD movies, both on their screen and an LCD TV connected via an HDMI cable. Not to mention applications that offer, at least in the United States, access to multimedia content on demand, for a monthly subscription.

There is a very good application that can track the devices. Just go on Gps Phone Tracker to use this application. You will need to know the phone number that uses the person you wish to detect location. Phone GPS tracker is easy to install but you can use and online, works with any operating system.

What you can not really do with a tablet.

It is exaggerated to talk about productivity in the case of tablets. A flat screen can never replace a keyboard when it comes to writing. Can you briefly respond to e-mails or post something on the blog, but it is not recommended to use the tablet for extensive editing of documents. Part of the next-generation tablets or have a keyboard as an optional accessory or supports a regular keyboard connected via USB.

Strengths are many things to say for tablets, especially as they are very affordable in terms of price.


Real Life Snapchat

Technology is a phenomenon that expresses our existence so today we will talk about “the influence of technology on human beings.” We all know the future is not distant and almost even. We see every day on TV or on the Internet as there are a lot of engineers who say they make life more comfortable.


First we talk about intelligent phone have seized worldwide. All of these users were asked what they use smart phones such as smartphones are largely the same as the old phones they are differentiated by applications. Responses were divided but a large percentage said they used to socialize through smartphones applications, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat. Snapchat is one of the newest and has many users who quit other applications for it. Snapchat is an application that allows users to send photos to friends, but they can not be viewed several times.

maxresdefault (4)
Daily, through Snapchat photos sent 150 million, more than by Instagram. Besides this application has been created and Snapchat Hack is not restricted and allows many more things like click on messages to other friends and messages never erase. I use Snapchat Hack because I did not delete your posts pictures or videos. Snapchat Hack has the same platform as the design and application and is very simple to use. Facebook and other apps know them very well because they are older and used.

Next seems revolutionary technology that is Dropcam is a camera with software that lets you monitor your home. For example, you can view images through different devices because they are stored in the cloud. It is generally used by parents to monitor their children as a security camera. It differs from other cameras by design and performance that is when it does not detect movements recorded.
Waze is a very new application will greatly assist incurred as a driver and then you want to quickly reach the destination. Drivers who have this application installed on the smartphone can communicate with other drivers and you can put on the map all the dangers in the area. For example Waze is super good especially as it’s free and interactive map can report other users fully in real time if the police radar accident, dead animals on the road.
Technology Up SO
A new technology for body reshaping and skin that combines several technologies: connective tissue massage, radiofrequency modulated multipolar and photodynamic energy. So I chose to try Regenerate Up to ten. and I was in love with the machine and results. Though the session lasts more than 45 minutes, within an hour, my skin was privileged to benefit from these technologies. First, connective tissue massage stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and fibrin, being excellent to remodel features.
Has a role in stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic system, removes toxins, improves oxygenation and feeding cells, reduce fat deposits (if any girl), double chin symptoms, improves skin tone, redefining contours.

Reloaded version, used radiofrequency modulated and multi-polar. Electromagnetic waves moving from one pole to another creating a dynamic network. The face has a lifting effect and fades fill wrinkles, restore and loads, strengthens and stimulates microcirculation.
So much technology next time we meet with other new Technology.

Pluto Planet

The images from the surface of dwarf planet Pluto probe New Horizons obtained, belonging to NASA, presents a spectacular “fog” which gives blue sky Plutonian and plates of ice water on the ground, according to a NASA press release.


The blue sky on Pluto is the result of how the “fog particles” diffuse scatter blue light, though likely that these particles have gray or red. These particles are similar Plutonian pseudoatmosferei gives color of soot particles and were called “tholine”.

“Tholinele” is formed when nitrogen and methane is separated under the effect of ultraviolet rays of the sun and then recombine to form complex macromolecules that gives dominant color of reddish soil Pluto.

Also, the images can be observed regions where water ice is present. “In vast areas of Pluto’s surface of frozen water can not see it being covered by other ice of more volatile substances”, especially nitrogen ice, according to Jason Cook, of the Southwest Research Institute. “The challenge is to understand why the water comes to the surface in some areas and not in others,” he added.

“Who would have imagined a blue sky on an object in the Kuiper’s Belt? It’s amazing”, said Alan Stern, New Horizons mission’s scientific coordinator.

Previous images from New Horizons probe revealed dwarf planet Pluto geological diversity. From high mountains to plains, sand dunes and glaciers, “Pluto show a great diversity of landforms and complex processes (geological), rivaling any other planet in our solar system,” said Alan Stern. “If an artist would have created such a painting of Pluto before our flight over, perhaps I would have thought exaggerated, but things are so on the dwarf planet”, he added.

Considered a long time as the most distant planet from the Sun, Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet in 2006 but was never observed closely for overflight probe New Horizons has become in July’s first ambassador to Earth to close this cosmic body.

High resolution photos taken by the probe instruments the size of a grand piano reveals a fragmented landscape of high mountain ranges, somewhat similar to that of Europe, one of the moons of the giant gaseous planets Jupiter. New Horizons probe currently transmits data and photos to Earth, a process that will take about one year.


While transmit data gathered during overflight dwarf planet to Earth, New Horizons is moving towards its new destination, the planetoid 2014 MU69, an object frozen diameter less than 45 kilometers – a dwarf compared to Pluto whose diameter is 2,370 kilometers. This object is 1.6 billion kilometers from Pluto, which, in turn, is 4.7 billion kilometers away from Earth when he met New Horizons probe.

Mars Planet

Mars: the terrestrial planet, the fourth planet in our system. for hundreds of years, search the neighboring planet, imagining AN alien world.

With the advancement of technology and therefore the invention of the telescope, we tend to started a way to realize signs of life.

The early twentieth century, astronomers finding out Mars whole and believe they need proof of a society, of a civilization, and Earthlings were prepared for contact.
If there’s life on Mars, what type can it stand? I visited location to search out out, however as we tend to approached the terrestrial planet have discovered a brand new mystery: there square measure components necessary for all times on Mars, however no sign of the alien.
In this documentary, scientists and consultants making an attempt to unravel the mysteries in natural philosophy Mars through the discoveries created up to now.
The planet’s surface seems to be composed principally of volcanic rock. proof shows that a little of the surface of the world consists principally of oxide, and will be almost like igneous rock on Earth. the biggest space of ​​the planet is roofed with iron chemical compound powder, the consistency of toilet powder.

Mars will be seen from Earth with the optic. The magnitude -2.9 to achieve a brightness surpassed solely by Venus, the Moon and therefore the Sun. Rosati look of the world is thanks to iron chemical compound.

Seasons on Mars square measure almost like those on Earth, due inclinations identical axis of rotation of the 2 planets. However, throughout the seasons it’s two occasions larger on Mars, owing to the space from the sun. A year on Mars is equivalent of 2 Earth years.

Mars was thickly settled by folks within the distant past, that for unknown reasons wanted refuge on Earth, scientists with a valuable clue which will ensure this hypothesis.
This hypothesis was born when analyzing the ikon captured by Curiosity on Mars, indicating a sculpture almost like those created in ancient Egypt.
Following laboratory analysis, consultants have all over that the rover was able to photograph petroglyphs thousands of years previous. On this piece of stone will be seen the silhouette of an individual’s or golem, that reminds North American country of the sculptures that adorn the walls of the pyramids worldwide.
According to a commentary within the Examiner, the figure is comparable to it created by man in thousands of years agone. Thus, inexperienced piece of stone that’s graven figure that might come back from a building or perhaps from one column.

Based on these components extraordinarily clear, several voices believe that within the past Mars was able to sustain advanced body and therefore the risk that varied civilizations have inhabited the world. For reasons still unknown, Mars lost its atmosphere and civilizations there had to search out another place to continue her life.
On the opposite hand, the idea that life on Mars has not disappeared which there have been humanoids tailored to the new conditions of life, taking refuge underneath the Earth’s surface. This civilization had been in reality with the governments of major countries on Earth since the ’70s, at that purpose they started a high secret project.
Even if the theories concerning Mars square measure arguable and essential info to elucidate the mystery appear to be unbroken faraway from the general public eye, this ikon taken by Curiosity ignite additional hearth and truth.

Cell Phone Tracker


In this new era, era of technolgies, all it has been founded in technology has been inplemented in new devices. Smartphones comes to be as capable as a laptops.


Cell phone tracker

Our Cell Phone Tracker service is indeed an exceptional application and you will like. The site is worth visiting and worth program used. Why? Because it offers what no program is able to offer. First, you can locate any mobile device and secondly it is free. Before we get to work on this application, we studied the market to see what we find. Unfortunately, we just found one functional application but after you use some number of locations you have to pay if you want to continue. Otherwise everything was unworkable. We thought to create an 100% usable application. It took a while, but it was worth it. Together with our special team, IT specialists we managed to develop the best location app ever created. If you do not believe us, you should try and see. The application works on the basis of 25 satellites accros the planet, working together. It’s easy. The application works in two ways. First, enter the phone number of the SIM card, second method by entering the IMEI mobile phone.

It is an application available only on our website, available for any operating system, Windows, MAC OS, Android, IOS and Windows Phone. Currently, Cell Phone Tracker is one of the most popular and used world wide application. The application will pe download and install based on the device you want to use, so you will have a better running. Being sought by many people and compatible with any operating system, we have prepared the future updates.


Phone Tracker

Being aware with all new operating systems, we have prepared GPS Phone Number versions. We work on this application every day, to be sure that this will not have any problems. The application has implemented Auto Update version, which allows it when we change something in the app, to update it directly from device where is installed.We will have one update per month, at least. The only problem is if you use an pirated Windows version, the activation licence should be delete. But the problem will be eliminated when you download and install the latest version of NET. Framework. Program is available on the official website of Microsoft. This Framework program will create a compatibility between windows and Auto Update version.


This application can be used with internet connection or without internet connection. The only thing that is required is that the GPS function from devices to be activated, that the application can give you more precise details about the location. If you lose your phone, this application will find him wherever he is, even if it turned on or off. A possible error could be up to 1m compared to the exact location, which can be causes by magnetic fields in the area. Together with Street View, you will get the exact picture, in real time or person who have you mobile phone.

Cell Phone Tracker

If your phone was stolen and you think you can not recover it, do not worry. Even if the SIM card has been removed from the phone, SIM has recorded data on the device was introduced. So he can spot. Each phone emits frequency, frequency which are captured and recorded. Each wave is different from the other. If you think you have no chance to make the phone although you located, there is a solution. By filling a small application form issued by proving that indeed you are the owner of the mobile phone, you can seep into the device or you can block it permanently; remains your choise.

Once infiltrated into the device, the application will not be observed. It will seep when the phone is locked to not notice. After entering the phone, application will be able to control everything. You will be able to spy him if you want, or you can block them all, and even the company that created it will not be able to unlock it, and that is for sure. With the launch of the application, I submitted several tests, so studies that have gaps and what goals should meet. Beta Testings show us that all users who test our application was happy, even IT specialists, thet were surprised by the application. Of all those were tested, only 5 failed to use because they did not know where can find the mobile phone IMEI.

Maybe you have thought about how it would be to enter a person;s privacy, to know everything about socialization. To read all messages and listen all vocal conversation. Not anymore. Cell Phone Tracker, despite his name, doae much more than that. For example, locate any device that has GPS receiver and even those who do not have, by trackig the waves that were issued and registered, and can be used as a spy phone.

Cell phone tracker is a function of gps tracker phone and can do many things. Firstly can locate any device that contains sim card. GPS connects to the mobile network and makes locating device. All these devices are available for any operating system available today just use this program. Cell phone tracker can help you in this.


Planets of System Solar

According to a study that has been published Wednesday, planet 9 , as she was called by researchers within the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena , would be beyond the orbit of Neptune and orbits around the Sun in an incredible time: between 10000 and 20000 years ago. Its huge dimensions (10 times greater than the Terra) earned him the name “planet planet in the Solar System”.


Giant body was detected after scientists observed how 13 other orbs from the Kuiper belt, an area located in close proximity to the Planet Pluto, it moves along as if it related to an object’s huge gravity.


After various simulations were performed on computers to see what exactly has such an effect on the bodies concerned, scientists have come to the conclusion that only a large planet is responsible for “tethering” them.

“If it exists, then it will be detected by telescopes, so you’ll have to wait until the tools will do the job,” he told The Telegraph Prof. Sir Martin Rees, astronomer.

Astronomer Mike Brown, who discovered this evidence, alongside Batygin, Konstantin (who works at Caltech), said that the planet is so great that we should not leave place more interpretations. Unlike the category Small Planet planetary gravity dominates its surroundings 9 within the solar system, one of the key tests to classify a planet.

The same computer model of “provided” places where one might learn and other celestial objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, in a region known as the “Kuiper belt”. Those celestial objects were already highlighted in a series of analyses and research.

A survey conducted earlier by Mike Brown helped Uai to determine that Pluto is not the ninth planet in the Solar system, clasând it in the category of “dwarf planets,” after discovering other orbs, close in size and covered by ice, beyond the orbit of Neptune.

“All those people who were upset when they learned that Pluto no longer a planet may feel excited now, because there, in space, there is another planet, which is real and waiting to be discovered,” said Mike Brown.


Planet 9 instead seems to dominate a region larger than any other known planet, a fact that brought him fame and “planet planet in the solar system,” explained Brown.

“This would really be the 9th planet,” Brown continued. “Only two planets have been discovered in ancient times, and this would be the third. Still have a large portion of our solar system exploration, and this can only delight us, “he continued. According to a study that has been published Wednesday, planet 9 (Planet Nine), as she was called by researchers within the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena (Caltech), would be beyond the orbit of Neptune and orbits around the Sun in an incredible time: between 10000 and 20000 years ago. Its huge dimensions (10 times greater than the Terra) earned him the name “planet planet in the Solar System”.

Giant body was detected after scientists observed how 13 other orbs from the Kuiper belt, an area located in close proximity to the Planet Pluto, it moves along as if it related to an object’s huge gravity.

After various simulations were performed on computers to see what exactly has such an effect on the bodies concerned, scientists have come to the conclusion that only a large planet is responsible for “tethering” them.

“If it exists, then it will be detected by telescopes, so you’ll have to wait until the tools will do the job,” he told The Telegraph Prof. Sir Martin Rees, astronomer.
Although it has not been observed directly, yet the two scientists are optimistic, arguing that it is a matter of time before this announcement will make the insights from one of the observatories in orbit or on land. “In ancient times, and so far only two have been discovered new planets in our solar system, and this would be the third. There are still many objects in our solar system that is waiting to be discovered, which can only let us rejoice, “commented Mike Brown, author of the study along with his colleague Batygin, Konstantin.

The study bases its conclusions on computer simulations that have been taken into account circumsolare unusual orbits that they have some of the objects in the Kuiper belt, the belt of asteroids, comets and planetoizi that stretches beyond the orbit of Neptune (hence the name of the transneptuniene object). More specifically, six of these objects moving around the Sun in elliptical orbits that are pointing in the same direction, even though each of these objects moving through space with different speeds. In addition, the orbits of the six objects transneptuniene have the same angle of inclination of 30 degrees through the relation of the relative orbits of the eight planets in our solar system (Pluto, which was considered to be the 9th planet until 2006, when it was reclassified by the International Astronomical Union has in turn orbit in a different plane than the other planets).

Astronomer Mike Brown, who discovered this evidence, alongside Batygin, Konstantin (who works at Caltech), said that the planet is so great that we should not leave place more interpretations. Unlike the category Small Planet planetary gravity dominates its surroundings 9 within the solar system, one of the key tests to classify a planet.

The same computer model of “provided” places where one might learn and other celestial objects beyond the orbit of Neptune, in a region known as the “Kuiper belt”. Those celestial objects were already highlighted in a series of analyses and research.

Light Emitting Diode

LED stands for “Light Emitting Diode” (Light Emitting Diode) semiconductor diode is an electronic component. If current flows through the diode, it emits light without loss of energy and without harmful UV radiation.

The blue-white

In a LEDON LED, light emission occurs through a tiny semiconductor that can be seen in the image below increased (~ 1 mm edge length). It is mounted on a printed circuit multifunctional responsible for cooling and coupling to the network.

LEDs can produce white light does not directly; blue light is created initially. It is then transformed into white light on top of the world by means of phosphorescent materials enabling color conversion. White light is obtained by identifying the correct composition of substances contained. These influences color shades and bulbs is basically a recipe for success for LEDON, about colors and how light is perceived.



LED is fundamentally different from all other light sources used until now, many of its properties are unique. LEDON exploits these specific qualities of LED as a starting point in creating efficiency and quality.

Quality of LED bulbs special

-Low Power


-Without Would require the elimination of toxic materials such as hazardous waste

-Stability Color

-No IR infrared and UV emit ultraviolet

LED technology is today’s top performance in lighting, whether it is domestic lighting, street and industrial. Although originally started as a technological solution expensive, research continues to bring innovations and improvements that determine today that LED lighting solution damping to be effective and an essential factor in both cost reduction and environmental protection.

The lifetime of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, or nearly six years of continuous or nearly 12 years of operation in 50% of the time. Almost no need to make a comparison versus normal incandescent bulb whose lifetime is about 10 times lower.

The whole planet seems to start belt tightening in terms of electricity consumption. Reusrsele are dwindling and methods of producing green energy or renewable are becoming increasingly widely used. We can not overlook the fact that these fuels are finite amount folsili will come when billions of tons of oil will be over. Oil, oil formed in the course of hundreds of millions of years, so that once consumed resource, we will have to wait another about 200 million years to regenerate. Perhaps many are not going to understand the link between fossil fuels and LED spots, but give the example as an alternative solution, a solution that we need in the field of fossil fuels. If you can at this level of power, why can not in other areas? Well, first we need to think about the future but not in the near future, but at distant. Just so we can have some security.

LED bulbs Disadvantages:

– Expensive – pretty steep price is probably the biggest drawback of LED bulbs. In time, however, by saving energy costs are amortized.

– Directed light – LED bulbs produce light that is directional light is not scattered evenly throughout the room. In time, however, this has been partially remedied by the appearance of new models with multiple LEDs and a lens system that împăştie adoima incandescent light.

Tesla Cars

The technologies that we fight every day began to come alive even car market and I say this because a few years ago, electric cars were a joke. In the next 20 years, internal combustion powered cars will become some relic.


Nowadays all car manufacturers trying to market electric motors which do not pollute. Many of us do not understand it and it will have electric cars soon to form a culture that drivers know what they were doing. An electric car runs on energy means that batteries and uses a battery to be charged. There is called the hybrid electric vehicles besides the internal combustion engine have an electric motor when the electric motor load that uses mechanical energy by burning noxious forms. Nowadays there is a completely electric car but very expensive and difficult to maintain. The folks at Tesla Motors in California have managed to make this car appear in all standards because previous models were not very durable. Tesla Model S is the model which made history because it leads alone. The interior of this car is very intuitive and simple until you get to play with the browser that looks like a giant tablet.


The seats are leather massage and heated to give a feeling more comfortable and the rear seats are of a finer material and difficult to scratch for children who will play enough room. The dashboard is perforated leather looks like a spaceship and is near vents navigator. Your steering wheel creates a silhouette in which you may feel like a sports car, although it plays all the roles and premium sports car and comfortable. Board clocks come with a digital board with all indications that scans the road and signs. The exterior design has the appearance of wearing sport sedan with wheels 20 very thin tires barely be seen on the pavement forming a very interesting ride with precise steering and stability. The appearance in front of the car is played by a shark that has no mouth Tesla also has two front vents for the brakes and radiator he was not absent this raises the aerodynamics of cars. The back looks like a midsize sedan but with components that help the aerodynamics. Tesla model S with all this attracts many fans. The engine that comes on the market is composed of 2 Tesla S electric motors on the front and one behind the other on developing 691 hp and 980nm both. It is an electric car instant torque is generated when the leader of this machine presses the acceleration, making this car a rocket to first hundred in just 3 seconds. Tesla S has a lot of ways they Pron led the drive mode to sports mode. To access these modes must navigator button that uses an operating system like iOS.

This navigator looks more like a tablet with a screen 17-inch multitasking. Tesla S shifter has all you need to do when you get behind the wheel is press the drive mode and the car will run and adopt your way of driving. All orders they offer Tesla S is on the tablet, and you can do many things such as heating in the seats, you can adjust the suspension etc. Function that contains this car is that once pressed this button autopilot is car runs only. To do this it must Tesla S indicator even scans the lane to run. If by chance on the way there are signs will warn car with a sound that you have to put your hand on the steering wheel or stop to calibrate the sensor. While using this autopilot system on the main screen will appear between the clocks a digital steering wheel. This express wheel 2 colors is blue if it is the only car runs without a care, whether it is red you need to put your hands on the steering wheel that no longer detects road signs.


We pay numerous hours on our devices, sound and typewriting, athletics to stay up. we tend to aren’t obtaining up and moving our bodies the maximum amount as we tend to did before, or outlay quality time face to face. and also the quantity of your time we tend to concentrate on any given task while not shifting to a different has gone down. Technology has been ever-changing our daily lives such a lot, and not all for the higher. thus what will we tend to do? In today’s geographical point, there ar already some nice retrofitted solutions to enhance well-being and focus. work on a standing table, or a table equipped with a treadmill. Sitting on a yoga ball will offer the body higher support. several apps currently cue staff to require an occasion, rewardful them with points or lockup them out of their pc for a collection amount in order that they ar forced to prevent.
As a personality’s pc interaction research worker, i believe we are able to go more, re-engineering the ways in which individuals interact technology within the geographical point. I lead a bunch that builds prototypes of technologies that create each work and play softer, even a lot of gratifying. Our approach takes advantage of the growing array of sensors and cameras and Internet-connected objects accessible within the trendy work surroundings. technology1
Let’s reckon example one mundane activity: unlocking your workplace door. We’ve created associate entry system that uses gestures rather than key cards. To unlock the research lab door, you produce your own gesture and be intimate before of cameras and different sensors that we’ve placed outside the door. The code uses biometrics—unique qualities of however you progress and the way you look—to find out if it’s you or not.

It feels supernatural and powerful to open a door with a gesture—it’s a standard plan from fairy tales and journey stories (such because the story of character and also the Forty Thieves). It seems that gestures and postures also can have an effect on however you’re feeling. in an exceedingly Teddy boy state ‘‘power poses,’’ Amy caboose explains that seizing lots of house with one’s arms and standing tall for simply a couple of moments will cause feelings of direction, modification one’s body chemistry (raising androgenic hormone and reducing cortisone), and lead to a lot of risk-taking. We’re testing whether or not door-entry gestures will influence however our research lab members feel as they start work on a daily basis.

This technology shifts one thing that’s at the best gently annoying (having to seek out and use a key card) to one thing gratifying, perhaps even lifting one’s mood. Imagine a piece surroundings within which several aspects were re-engineered during this approach, with physical, emotional and social well-being in mind. perhaps sorting and causation email can be a lot of like doing tai chi—restful and gently physical. There’s no reason you couldn’t use healthful, light full-body gestures whereas standing before of a window-like screen that has sensors inbuilt, to try to to the work you currently do seated at a keyboard and touchpad, shoulders drifting up close to your ears if you aren’t careful. If you’ve ever used associate Xbox Kinect device to play a game, you have got some plan of however this might work.

Maybe networked communication might allow us to create clever use of our bodies further as our ‘‘talking heads’’ to convey vital info, build trust, and luxuriate in one another’s company. after you meet with a bunch in the flesh, however shut you stand to every different, and whether or not you face one another or recoil, and when, all matter. You send refined cues regarding however you’re feeling as things go on, along with your body. What if videoconferencing allowed you to use of these signals with the individuals you’re reproval, and you may be intimate standing up and on the move a lot of freely?

My analysis team conjointly believes technology will do a way higher job of keeping U.S.A. targeted on each other once we’re along, rather than distracting U.S.A.. for instance, imagine a clear screen that permits individuals standing on either facet to stay eye contact as they move digital info around between them. analysis shows that eye contact and coordinated movement build trust and affection—workplace technology is designed to enhance these effects instead of diminish them.

I believe it’s potential to re-design geographical point technology to depart individuals feeling reinvigorated, connected, and energized at the tip of the day. we’ve a singular chance to try to to this currently, as a result of sensing technologies have gotten thus low-cost and stable, and since broad network connections ar thus pronto accessible. Let’s begin a broader speech and coordinate action among technology researchers and developers to form the longer term geographical point thus it higher supports everyday well-being.

History of video games


History of video games

Online games are video games that are played in a computer network. The evolution of these online games went parallel with the evolution of computers and technology.

The appearance of the first games

The first video game or computer, and NIMROD (1951), OXO (1952) or Spacewar (1961) were designed for one or two players stand in front aceluasi computer – computer that had no other purpose than to run the game. Later in the 60s, computers began to bear sharing site, which allowed users to use only one computer at the same time, slowly leading to the possibility of allowing the user to control a computer that does not in the same room with him. Soon invented modem and the user had to find her not even in the same building as all that can control your computer through a dial-up connection to the host computer. Based on this technology hosting – hosting the games were created – so the user can connect to a host computer in another location and be able to play without any impediment game.

Between 1973 and 1975, the company XEROX PARC has developed Local Networks (LAN) based on Ethernet technology. This led to the development of Wide Area Network (WAN), which led to the appearance on the Internet in January 1983. The development of these LAN and WAN also allowed devoltarea network games and online games later development.

Online games have really flourished after 1995, when the restrictions of the NSFNET (National Science Foundation Network) were withdrawn. This resulted from full access to the Internet and therefore online games have reached a realistic as possible. The success of the first companies have developed online games have been a source of encouragement for other media companies venturing into this area. Therefore, since then the competition began to grow and continue to grow and today, giving birth increasingly many different media agencies to launch online games or games you can play on your computer or some consoles. Due to the highly developed competition, games have become more advanced and better play. Our benefit is that today, most online games are free and everyone can enjoy the adventure of a game online without spending even a penny.

evolutionofvideogamesThe history of online games is quite interesting and should be known by almost everyone hardcore online games. For example: Did you know that the first games online free play could only were the “mass” as chess and tables? Due to competition in this field, we can now play almost any game online want and, above all, you can play for free.

History of Technology 2

The program was approved on 22 June

1967 ran until 1985 and was one of the most

high technology programs in the country in the areas of integrated circuits,

electronic computers and informatics (Drăgănescu Michael, 2004). 1. Epic Romanian electronic computers

In 1953, began the epic Romanian electronic computers,

the launch by dr. Victor Toma2

  (1918-2008) of the project

first Romanian computer with tubes project was conducted, then,

as the CIFA-1 to be saying Atomic Institute in Bucharest.

Project of computer logic as saying Institute (later be saying

atomic) Academy was presented at the International Symposium

Dresden (1955) and equipped with 1500 tubes was placed in

1957.În operation in this first electronic computer outside of Romania, in

Take generation based on the magnetic cylinder tubes and

memory, computers and other electronic realized generation Ia:

CIFA-2 tubes 800 (1959), CIFA-3 Centre

Calculation of the University of Bucharest (1961), CIFA-4 (1962) .In the years 1968 to 1988, Victor Toma worked at the Institute of Technical

Calculation of Bucharest as Head of Laboratory, Head of Department and Director

Deputy scientifi c, building: data entry systems

the flexible disc EDIT; system for the transfer of information from the tape

Fast magnetic printer; data transmission system

voice channel between Baneasa Meteorological Institute and IFA-Magurele;

crossing equipment information on perforated tabs in code

CCITT Morse signals; electronic timer used in industry

pyrotechnics; Her shorthand automation equipment; equipment

information encryption; electronic clocking station. Later, he realized

and other digital systems of which stands a counting system

Electronic voting for the Romanian Parliament.

For the entire scientific work and research that, for hansen1   

contribution to the development and promotion of information technology

Society in Romania, Victor Toma and were granted in 1957

Labour Odin Class III and in 2003 the National Order “The Star

Romania “with the rank of knight.

Technology in the Middle Ages

Technology in the Middle Ages may be best described as a symbiosis between tradition and innovation. While the technology has been shown to be a setback for evolution, other writers have pointed the finger at the church, as opposed progress.

Among the most common man-made machines are mechanical watches in the medieval period, windmills and compass, much needed later during exploration.

In this period mainly developed and military technology, were more effective armor were invented cannons and catapults. In terms of defense, were built several fortified castles, marking this period, from which came the name “was the castles”.


In centuries 14-16, began the scientific revolution. It brings improvements and innovations in existing fields as diverse minieritul and metal. Printing press, invented by Johannes Gutenberg German (1398-1468) was regarded as the most important event of the second millennium. The spread of information was facilitated much because of this invention, and literature reached the middle class. Communication was just started.

In a manuscript discovered in 1470 in Italy we find the first model of a parachute. Around 1485, Leonardo da Vinci sketched a parachute Codex Atlanticus most effective being tested later in 1617 by Fausto Veranzio (left in picture).

In the 16th century appeared the first newspaper to offer masses latest information. In 1607 Bartolomeo Crescentio described a compressed air gun. Due to the complexity of design, some researchers say it is possible that the model to be based on other models predecessor.

In 1709, Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the alcohol thermometer.

In 1712, Thomas Newcomen built the first steam engine used to pump water out of me, and after almost 100 years, in 1804 Richard Trevithick built the first steam locomotive.

TRUMPF lasers

TRUMPF lasers
TRUMPF lasers for the production of PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards)
New TruMicro 2000 series offers an accessible entrance and attractive microscopic processing. Pulsed lasers with just 20 picoseconds develops a pulse energy of 10 microjouli and an average output power of 10 watt, high-shine. The beam quality M² less than 1.3, they are suitable for high precision separation and structure.

Brilliant debut in cold working
Therefore, TruMicro 2000 series lasers are able to clean the thin film layers of polyamide or other polymer – up to a thickness of 100 nanometers. Control units also monitors individually, each a picosecond pulse from the pulse generation until its delivery through external modulator. As a result, output power and pulse energy is kept exactly to the required level, regardless of external influences. The combined effect of individual control units is patented and is known under the name TRUMPF,, double-loop feedback “. These lasers small size and low weight are distinguished also by features compact and the many and varied control options, facilitating their integration into production lines. Variations in wavelength infrared (IR) or green enables the user to choose as the ability to focus and required absorption property. TruMicro 2220 shows his qualities polyamide thin film cutting. These films, due to their flexible circuits are used in the manufacture of portable devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs.
New record performance for increased productivity
With TruMicro Series 5000, TRUMPF expands its product portfolio towards high performance. This series is made to achieve optimum productivity and profitable industrial production. New TruMicro 5080, IR wavelength, is characterized by picosecond lasers with average output power of 150 watts. Once again, the industry reached a record ultra short pulse lasers. Dual frequency version of the new TruMicro 5280, operating with green spectrum exceeds also the scale of 100 watt in terms of average output power. The higher performance is achieved by two ultrashort pulse laser beam as typical TruMicro, wherein M² is less than 1.3. Lasers have a pulse of less than 10 picoseconds in duration. These properties predestine TruMicro 5080 and 5280 requesting processing operations semiconductors and electronic components. Newest applications include punching and cutting sensitive materials such as ceramics, silicon carbide and sapphire and drilling in printed circuit boards. In these areas, ultrashort pulse lasers TruMicro 5000 Series full advantage of their power. Using cold processing, which avoids stress induced microcracks in hard and brittle components despite the high rate of production, with a repetition rate up to 800 kHz. In the processing of circuit boards with up to 40 layers, the units reach the required speed by setting up to 1000 perforations of size 30 μm per second. These holes lined with copper adheres to the conductive parts on several levels.
This requires the utmost precision in terms of power, pulse energy and beam quality. ,, Double-loop feedback “, patented by TRUMPF, the regulations permit this accuracy.

Nikola Tesla 7

Nikola Tesla 7
Tesla said that the new range will be deadly war impossible, oferin each country a “Chinese wall invisible”. It was actually an energy shield, which today seems just a product of imagination. Unfortunately his idea of peace was hunted all the time to be transformed into the most formidable weapon.



Even after he announced that it has completed research on “death ray” Tesla died in 1943, taking with him the secret of mormânt.Era during the war mondial.Tocmai why his death is not without controversy.
Motto: “The scientist does not aim at an immediate result. He does not expect his ideas to be quickly accepted. His work is like that you planted for the future. His duty is hand to put down the foundation for those to come, and to show them the way. He lives, works and hopes “.
Tesla’s death – mystery documents
Shortly after his great discovery, Tesla died in World War full. His invention can always change the tide of war, so it was natural for documents and notes scientist to become a “treasure” hunt intelligence. The FBI is on the move, for fear that they do not reach the hands of the Axis or the Soviets.
The day after Tesla’s death, morning, nephew, Sava Kosanovic – official Yugoslav eager for advancement, suspected of having links with the communist party in his country – was in a hurry to get to his uncle’s room at the Hotel New Yorker.
By the time he arrived, Tesla’s body had already been raised and Kasanovic already suspect that someone poke through things. He was right lacked technical documents and a black notebook with several hundred pages, some of them marked “Government” – he knew his uncle keep them.
The remaining documents were taken by the authorities and anlizate Office of Scientific Research and Development. This conclusion was meant to distract the public from the huge importance of the work of the scientist: “Tesla’s ideas and efforts of the past 15 years mainly a speculative, philosophical, and to some extent promotion, often referring to production and transmission of electrical energy without wires; methods and principles are not given us solid and functional to implement them. ”
In 1952, the rest of Tesla’s papers and supplies were sent to Sava Kosanovic Belgrade. This museum was created in honor of the great inventor. For many years, during Tito’s communist regime, the Soviets were the only ones who had access to documents.
Throughout the Cold War confrontation was given about the practical realization of weapons and energy sources proposed by Tesla. They attempted to make a weapon to protect America from a possible nuclear war. Officially, the project was a failure. In reality, it is not known how far they went achievements. Tesla’s ideas today are poorly understood and valued.

Do not forget that he proposed as an energy source gravity or magnetism, or that is today called the father of weapons “psychotronic” involving a human mind control through high frequency waves, sudden illness or death effect.

Evolution online games

Evolution online games

From’s Curse is a game. Torchlight is incredibly funny, but has to see how many people worked on it. Live for Speed, an incredible racing simulator, is “there” for a long time, but all NFS is in the spotlight to shine them millions of dollars on licenses given machine. And critics like me would otherwise have to stop one second to wonder if they really have no idea how much work is behind a game, no matter how small. So somewhere big companies find it normal to return to successful titles X years ago. The work is usually limited to restoration graphics, but the gameplay is the same market that broke, nobody needs to blunt neuron for new missions, power-ups, skill’s, power etc. The money is guaranteed, because nostalgiccollection will want to play that it can run smoothly on current operating systems and new players will try almost any media hype enjoy a huge and is part of a series devoted to

Tapes franchises
Beyond remakes, it’s at least as simple to use what you already have in new titles. Command & Conquer, Need for Speed, Red Alert, Heroes of Might and Magic, Disciples, Call of Duty, Unreal, Doom, Quake, Total War series are some names that have at least 10 years of back. Do these names have changed as the years have passed? Partly yes, where all adjustments to 3D graphics and gameplay changes that come here have been made with attention to detail. Otherwise, I would have preferred that C & C to die in oblivion than to receive the latest game in the series, the multiplayer in Quake 4 failed than to send the combatants back to Quake III Arena and about NFS is said never removed nothing really succeeded at first Underground here.


Where is the mistake? A mistake that never should theoretically exist, because in principle it goes on land known. You already solid base narrative, gameplay mechanics in place well, you know go around any problems because of experienced designers and programmers give a misfire yet creepy. The main reason related to a higher superficiality of our society, caught in the vortex is a lack of time and patience, and manufacturers advantage.
She knew that only the name C & C will sell the most, so that has not bothered to pay a decent writer for the end of the story of Kane. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 renounced to dedicated servers and sold all devils, although players muttered between his teeth offensive stuff. Enfant terrible StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has sold over 1 million copies on day one, although only comes with a piece of campaign and multiplayer LAN without.
In short, first name sells. That’s why we wash with Colgate and Nivea, drink Shalit, Cola and Levi’s jeans wear. Because the name famous, just by their visibility and promote aggressive and are automatically perceived as the best. And in games is also quite expensive to get impaled by a heavily publicized game, from 40-50 euros up material loss. And hence derive an enormous amount of other problems with piracy in the lead.

About the first games online

About the first games online

From the first games online where everything is based on some strange shapes of different objects, to the modern, more realistic, with better sound and graphics and special effects more interesting, the game industry has continuously evolved and will survive over time because it is an industry which adapts, is an evolving industry. Every time a new upgrade is available in the computer world, a new game will be developed and will be created based on the upgrade every time a new film will be successful, will be developed basing a game on the film, and examples may continue. Games today are more realistic and highly interactive. With excellent graphics and advanced control options, the games of today monopolizing interest to anyone, either not interested sanu online games.

First were MUDs, in the form of text adventure that combines elements of role-play, fight monsters or between players. Then came the adventures graphics, 2D drawings, in which emphasis was still on the story. Back then it was much easier to captivate the player with a narrative quality to distract from not very detailed images and low resolution. From there we shoot and obsession story in games, and those who butonează for years always looking a piece of narrative to motivate, while critics “specialty” considered an important part of the plot mark.
Somehow, the games can be seen as interactive literature, but it is quite difficult to transpose an essentially linear story in a dynamic environment, where the player needs at least the illusion of power of decision and choice. If we continue parallel to a normal book, as we read something and learn new things, as the player navigates through the game code (even if it does not collide directly, but the interface) and changes the virtual world evolves. Thus, one can say that a good title on the narrative depends heavily on the balance between the feeling of interaction with unexpected results and events to which the player is expected that precisely because they consider normal playing. It is normal to use the WASD keys, for example, and see how the character moves. But when you talk to an NPC, you want to be surprised, to have options dialog, you want to have high levels and secret corners to surprise you by the ingenuity with which they are hidden.
You do not have to have a game story, but it is required by the very way the human brain works. Let’s say you go to the match stadium, and when you come back home, I asked a friend how it was. What are you doing? Tell them what you saw, what you remember, describe enthusiasm for a goal etc. Our whole life is made of stories, so that the events of the game, even if they have no apparent connection are combined mentally to be understood.

PS4 the new console generation!

PS4 the new console generation

From the old generation consoles start many things have changed, one of the most important being the elan of digital distribution, preferred by a number of players ever growing. Fortunately, as in the case in small PlayStation Vita, the new PS4 offers both methods of accessing games or retail disk, on paper or digitally via the PlayStation Store (requires European or American PSN account).


Thus, all major releases will be available through both distribution methods, sometimes prices are not identical. PlayStation Store benefits from frequent promotions through which digital editions of the games can be purchased with significant reductions (offers are even better if you subscribed to PlayStation Plus).

emulator ps3

As for PC or last generation consoles, we have some PS4 titles released exclusively in digital format, which can be found directly on the PlayStation Store. Moreover, this kind of games are currently included in the free titles offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

We all know that the PC edition of the latest Need for Speed game was not very good port, being limited to only 30fps framerate. Unfortunately, the same limitation applies where the PS4 variant, but the situation is saved by framerate’s consistency and t by its playback at a delightful details level, at a FullHD resolution. Exception made the first part of the tutorial (the period in which the game is still installed from the disk on the console drive), where occurred some noticeable stuttering.

We believe that the ALLDRIVE system (which unifies single player and multiplayer game modes) works much better on consoles, where integration with a dedicated service such as PlayStation Network is noticeably better than the Origin on PC and where you find players with which to compete, unlike the emptiness that characterizes the PC version. However, if not enough to convince someone to buy a new console.

NBA Live 14 is EA Sports response to the threat coming from the NBA 2K14 of the 2K Sports. Unfortunately, even if a title released exclusively for next-generation consoles, the new basketball game from EA disappoints in several chapters: graphics are not even remotely at the level of the direct competitor and the control…is better to not speak about this.

Given the disappointing state that is Battlefield 4 on the PC, I did not expect PlayStation 4 version to make a better figure. First of all is observed the framerate of 60fps, quite hard to get on a PC with an affordable price, and the maximum number of 64 players of multiplayer mode. However Batllefield 4 runs on PS4 in 900p resolution (1600×900), the only game console that does not use the native resolution 1080p. . This drawback is especially noticeable in scenes where is a lot of movement, which stands out a more pronounced aliasing. In contrast, in the slow situations, where are no sudden movements, the antialiasing game succeeds to “mask” quite well these problems. It worth to buy this game if you do not already have a PC version.

All we can say about PSN code generator is that it can be used for any operating system available for PC and can be downloaded and used by anyone. Because it is a very successful and we pay honor to promote some free games that are very easy to install this program. PSN Code Generator works exactly like the console is a simple software but rather than occupy space on your device.



How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources

How to Obtain Clash of Clans Resources


Clash of Clans game is an immensely rewarding game that can keep you engaged the whole time you are playing it, with new twists and turns that will always keep you guessing as to what will happen next. An important part of this game is resources. Learning how to obtain Clash of Clans resources is a crucial part of this game. When you have enough resources, you and your village can thrive. Resources can make or break the game, when it comes down to it.

Clash of clans hack

A Short Guide to Raiding

 Clash of clans gems hack

Raiding has one goal: to get resources. When you want to learn how to obtain Clash of Clans resources, you should always consider raiding as a viable option. When you raid in Clash of Clans, you will be raiding Gold and Elixir. Obtaining them is basically the same process because they are almost identical when you are stealing them. As a rule, gold is more valuable to players, due to its easier spending abilities. It can be spent instantly on defenses or walls, whereas elixir is limited to offensive buildings and other units. Raiding lets you increase your income and resources almost limitlessly. The quantity of elixir and gold that is available for you to raid is only limited by your time investment and skill. When you want to know how to obtain Clash of Clans resources, raiding is the best way to go for an unlimited supply of resources.


Choosing the right Base to Raid can be difficult. There are many factors that you need to consider before you even begin considering your raid. The first thing you should consider is the number of resources total. If the number is very low, you should consider moving on to another base. Also, don’t set your sights too high, because the process of getting the resources is also an important factor.

Next, you will need to figure out where the resources are in the storage unit. When learning how to obtain Clash of Clans resources, you need to master knowing how much of the resource is in the mine or collector. When you are trying to figure out how much of each, you should always look at the numbers. Are they nice, rounded numbers, such as fifty thousand, or forty-two thousand, seven hundred? If so, this means that the person hasn’t logged in for a long time. They will not have any defenses to keep you from getting the resources.


This is the most foolproof way of getting resources, aside from buying them. There are many other ways to learn how to obtain Clash of Clans resources, but this is perhaps the best way.

PS4 or PlayStation Vita

PS4 or PlayStation Vita

One of the most interesting features offered by PlayStation 4 is the intercom with the little brother PlayStation Vita, the portable console from the Sony can be used either as Second Screen device for PS4 or for Remote Play.


Second Screen functionality is similar to that of the tablets, some games offering support for map display, objectives or some supporting elements on PS Vita display.

But by far the most impressive feature is Remote Play. Through it, as long as you log in with the same PSN account on both consoles, PlayStation Vita can “take control” of the PS4 console, the little screen becoming a mirror of the TV where is connected the large console (which does not even have kept running or can be switched to a match / movie / news program, etc.).

Sure, this feature exists also for PS3, but there the support was limited to the OS and a few games that you counted on the fingers of one hand. If PS4, Remote Play is implemented at the operating system and hardware, all games that do not require an additional accessory (such as PlayStation Camera) operating through this feature also on the PlayStation Vita. Some of them have custom control schemes, which moves some actions on the touch screen or touch pad console.

PlayStation 4 is only at the beginning of its life cycle, this situation is reflected by the offer of games available at the moment (less exclusive and much ports) and the undeveloped state in which it is the multimedia functions.

Any gamer interested should be aware that a console is a long term investment, a perfect example in this respect is the PlayStation 3. Launched with a meager selection of games, the PS3 has become a standard today, enjoying all major third party titles (such as FIFA, Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto V) and exclusive games (God of War series, Uncharted, Gran Turismo), which you can not find elsewhere.

And from this point of view, PlayStation 4 has the potential to fend even better than its predecessor. The console was sold well during the holiday season of 2013, and these performances can be sure they were not overlooked by publishers. For 2014 have already been confirmed PS4 games like Thief, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Watch Dogs or Destiny.

After all, buying a PlayStation 4 is related to the priorities of each user, as well as his interest to the titles that you he play on the new console. In certain circumstances, an investment in such gadget can be more inspired than in a similar PC, and, in others, the versatility of the latter may tip the balance in his favor. However, if you like to call yourself “true gamer” and you want to be aware of everything that will appear in this area, the purchase of a PlayStation 4 is more than recommended.

Mars, the first “stop” on the way to the future

Mars, the first “stop” on the way to the future
The sky was a challenge for people still in the early stages of our civilization. The desire to reach the vault of the world is reflected in countless myths from all cultures of the world, the flight of Icarus at the Tower of Babel, and the ability to travel by air was considered a divine attribute in all world religions.

Space Rocket

Mars, the first “stop” on the way to the future
Over time, the power of flight has been released fantastic features and brought the human plane brilliant minds such as Roger Bacon and Leonardo da Vinci, who drew up the first plans of tools to allow man to fly. Once the balloon Montgolfier brothers launched successfully in 1783, humanity entered the flight really was. This culminated in success space of the twentieth century, when man first arrived in space and the Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon.
Next target space programs is the Mars exploration. This objective is not just a fad, but a first step towards the colonization of other planets, the mission considered essential for the survival of human civilization.

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking warned in 2010 that the human species is likely to disappear if we fail colonization of other planets. “There have been cases in the history of mankind, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1963, when our survival as a species was highly uncertain. Frequency is likely to increase in the future such situations. But I’m optimistic. If we manage to avoid disaster next two centuries, our species should be safe as we spread into space. our only chance of long term survival is expanding into space, “said the scientist.
Among the potential causes that could cause the elimination of the human species are an asteroid impact, global warming accelerated melting of permafrost caused by an eruption of a super volcano (such as in Yellowstone), a pandemic or nuclear war. Except the last, all these events have happened in the history of this planet and will spend only uncertainty is when it will occur. A human mission to Mars has been proposed since the middle of last century, and in time the idea has ceased to be just a fanciful proposal, major space powers as to develop plans and establish concrete targets for achieving this goal.

In 2010, President Barack Obama outlined his vision on this issue, announcing that the United States plans to send a human mission to orbit Mars and return to Earth successfully in 2030, followed by a mission where people walk on Martian soil. “I intend to see for myself an American on Mars,” said Obama, who was 48 years old at the time of speech.
NASA examines several ways to achieve this goal, one of which was to launch a cargo mission to Mars in 2035, to be followed by a human mission in 2037. The first step in selecting an astronaut to resist mental pressures imposed by a trip to Mars is a psychological test. To be recognized as a suitable candidate for a lengthy space mission, astronaut must demonstrate that it can withstand the countless repetitive stressors without fail.
Japanese Space Agency using isolation rooms to test for the post of astronaut candidates. One of the tests to which they are subjected involves origami famous Japanese art in which a paper sheet is folded into different shapes. Because traditional Japanese art requires patience and attention, Japanese psychologists have devised a test for those who want to be astronauts: they must produce 1,000 origami paper cranes from.
After they complete their mission, the cranes are analyzed carefully. Are the 10 cranes designed more carefully than the last 10? A worrying sign explains psychologist Natsushiko Inoue: “deteriorating accuracy shows that the astronaut is impatient under stress.” Repetitive work constitutes 90% of the work they carry an astronaut on the International Space Station, and inability to maintain high quality after long is a huge black ball for those who want to become astronauts.
Journey to Mars involves all stressors typical of normal services, such as lack of sleep, anxiety, excessive volume of work, plus a single factor: the inability to give.

The rocket that will take humans to Mars

The rocket that will take humans to Mars
American Space Agency (NASA) announced that its new Launcher, Space Launch System (SLS) will make its first flight in space no later than November 2018 and will be used for missions targeting the transport of materials and astronauts on Mars , informs AFP.


The rocket that will take humans to Mars

SLS Program is developing three years and should, in a first stage, to allow launching spacecraft beyond Earth orbit and then launching manned spacecraft on board Mars by the year in 2030.
NASA conducted a detailed analysis of the program, which requires a financial commitment of the American space agency $ 7 billion between 2014 and 2018 to version 70 ton launcher.
“The program achieved real progress and important,” said William Gerstenmaier, one of the coordinators manned exploration missions within NASA.

“We will discuss with our teams to achieve ambitious horizon, but it should be ready (for the first launch) at the latest in November 2008,” he added.
“After a rigorous review, we are committed to a level of funding and a timetable for the launch, we keep to our goal of sending humans to Mars in the decade of 2030 and we are confident that we will achieve this” turn said Robert Lightfoot, one of the managers at NASA.
However, the Court of Accounts of the United States – Government Accountability Office (GAO) – asked a series of questions last month about the current financing plan of SLS, finding that “it is possible that the program may lack the 400m dollars “.
GAO said he also worried about the timing of the development, and the way in which NASA engineers will be able to integrate other equipment designed for the American space agency program, which was canceled. Constellation project aimed placing astronauts on the Moon. William Gerstenmaier said NASA has taken account of these issues and apply the recommendations made by GAO.
SLS is the first high capacity launcher developed by NASA over 40 years and the total cost to develop the first version in three variants, is estimated at $ 12 billion.
“SLS will provide an unprecedented launch capacity of 130 tons, which will allow more distant missions in the solar system, including missions to an asteroid and to Mars,” said NASA.
Orion manned capsule, whose first test flight is scheduled in December, could be launched by the SLS and transport aboard a crew of astronauts for several months, which can thus reach Mars. NASA is currently working on building a new spacecraft – Space Launch System (SLS) – which would carry space capsule with which people could explore Mars in the future. But a major obstacle is that the rocket would produce a sound so powerful that experts fear that sound waves could damage surrounding buildings and could affect human health.
High of 117 meters, SLS can provide over 4 million pounds-thrust takeoff and weigh nearly 3,000 tone.Mega Rocket will revolutionize space exploration, but they build up against major obstacles. NASA already is testing smaller models – including a model as 5% of actual size – due to fears that the missile might be too noisy. Previous studies have shown that acoustic energy is emitted by rocket engines focus sounds low and medium frequency range. These types of sound waves could affect personnel in the immediate vicinity of the polygon launch astronauts could damage hearing and could damage surrounding buildings. NASA Tests will help design a launch system that does not have severe impact, but be strong enough to face outstanding tasks you have in mind its designers.
Mega Rocket will have 4 engines representing an improved version of the engine used in space missions between 1981 and 2011. NASA has signed a $ 2.8 billion contract with Boeing to build SLS, the largest rocket design so far. The first test flights are scheduled for 2017.
There will be two versions of the rocket:

one lower, will weigh 2,494 tons, will have a height of 98 m and can carry 70 metric tons of cargo.
version of “massive” 117 feet high, capable of carrying 130 tonnes, will be the most powerful vehicle of its kind in the history of mankind so far.

Scientific discoveries of 2010

Scientific discoveries of 2010
Most scientific victory of the year – and, most likely, the first decade of XXI century – is getting in the laboratory of the first cell with a synthetic genome: from a few bottles of chemicals and the genetic code stored in computer memory scientists from the J. Craig Venter


Institute, USA, has produced a bacterial chromosome, then they “moved” into a cell from a different species of bacteria, and it began to function and reproduce based on instructions encoded in the synthetic genome.

Scientific discoveries of 2010

It’s an account of the biology achievement in a branch located in the burgeoning research and whose name therefore is increasingly circulated: synthetic biology. His great promises of future significance lies in that we do: thanks to this revolutionary technology, we may, one day, we obtain microorganisms that solve many of the problems we struggle today: they could absorb carbon dioxide from the air and could produce on his biofuel to us from dependence on oil and pollution from fossil fuels; could produce large quantities of vaccines, drugs and other useful substances.

Science News

The hero of the day, in this context, is undoubtedly dr. Craig Venter, founder of the aforementioned institute and one of the world’s most prominent experts in genetic engineering. Our site presents, exclusively for Romania, excerpts from an interview with dr. Craig Venter, made during a conference attended by journalists from eight European countries, including the DESCOPERA.ro Mihaela Stanescu.
Interview exclusive with Dr. Craig Venter
Dr. Venter, after this impressive achievement – creating a synthetic genome – that would be the next step in your research?

Craig Venter. The purpose of our efforts was: things began 15 years ago when my team has sequenced the first two genomes, trying to understand the minimum specifications required life at the cellular level; 15 years later, we report the first experiment still trying to understand which genes are essential for life. Once the experiment principle – the synthesis of a functional genome and getting a cell with synthetic genome – managed, we are now able to work systematically eliminating synthetic genes in the cell, trying to reach a minimal genome structure; this is one of the research directions, the team is already working. The other direction would be to investigate differences between organisms; for example, it would be possible to obtain a synthetic algae and algal genome transplantation? I think each type of organism must clearly define the biological barriers that prevent these achievements and overcome them. So we face big challenges.
Dr. Venter, to what extent is this process [getting a synthetic genome celulel] repeatable? How quickly and accurately can create a synthetic bacterium, in this moment?
Craig Venter. The process is completely repeatable with synthetic DNA that I got. For the synthesis of DNA, the team led by Dan Gibson built from scratch chromosome for each experiment made​​; they reassembled every time and in fact sometimes it was easier to build from scratch than to make minor changes. So the synthesis process is fully reproducible. In the experiment that gave rise to the first synthetic cell, we obtained only a single colony from all possible transformations, but after I repeated the process several times, it has become more efficient. Now every time the team members performed the experiment again, I get hundreds of colonies of microorganisms, each cell with a synthetic genome in it. So I think the process will become more efficient with time. It’s perfectly reproducible and I think if another team would do what I described in our paper would get similar results. However, new we had nearly 10 years to perfect the technology, so it’s really handy. The question is whether we can extend the technology to other organisms. Mycoplasmas have no cell wall, have just a plasma membrane, about how the cells in the body, so it would be a difficult challenge to work even more complex bacteria. It remains to be seen whether the method would go with E coli, for example.